Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Back in the halcyon days of aught five, I self-published "Vignettes," a short collection of 17 very short stories. That was back before CreateSpace, so when I say I self-published I mean I published it all by myself, every aspect of it.  After writing the words I created a book in OpenOffice, had my friend who worked for a printer company print out the pages and cardstock for the cover, and then I stapled each one together. The minute details can be found here on my old blog.

I had always wondered whether I should attempt a second volume, but I've never felt the drive, or an appropriate theme. The first theme was First Names and Friends. The style was very early reader, but often with a sardonic (and adult) twist.

The motivation to create a second volume has finally struck me. Like the first volume, it took a learning reader to inspire me (My daughter, in this case). The theme this time around is Alphabet Puns (so far). The first story can be read here (and I'll post the list of them as they come out on the sidebar). This time it's open-ended. I'll write them when I feel like it, and I'll stop when I'm done. I'm not soliciting names or story ideas this time around, but I won't refuse considering any if you feel like contributing.

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