Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All roads lead to Berkeley

For a digression on the Silicon Valley, I don't seem to talk much about life on US-101 between Bernal Road in San Jose and Brannan Street in San Francisco.

I have always lived in the Silicon Valley, which may have been done much to influence my outlook on life. It's why I embrace minimalism (in spirit more-so these days than practice). The excesses of being surrounded by the top 3% of income earners on a daily basis affects the way we think. It's no wonder that so many successful techies embrace libertarianism, what with the echo chamber rooting them on the whole way.

My first real foray outside the confines of the bubble occurred in college, when I went fifty miles north, up the east bay (gasp!) and spent four years at UC Berkeley as an undergrad in some engineering discipline or another.

I confess that I once thought that being a libertarian was a clever and thoughtful political position. I am also the co-founder of Lydon Larouche's on-campus club. Such are the vagaries of college fortunes.

I don't want to blog about politics, but I suspect it will color my dēclīnātiōnes. Also, too, there's no such thing as free will.  But we'll get there, one swerve at a time.

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